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  • We charge by the Bag or by the bin for Medical Waste Services.

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Trusted by over 300 clients across the Birmingham and Midlands location you can feel confident of your choice of Sanitary Bin and Nappy Bin Supply & Waste Collection Services.

We provide Medical Waste Collection Services to over 100 medical businesses such as hospitals, doctor surgeries, dental surgeries, care homes, medical centres.

Our Offensive Waste and Healthcare Waste Management Services can be tailored to meet you needs. Call us or send us a request to assess your Waste Management needs.



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We specialize in Domestic and Commercial Waste Collections Services to include general waste, feminine hygiene waste, medical waste and hazardous waste waste. We offer both planned and unplanned waste collection services to fit around your needs.

From a man in a van for smaller collection to large site clearance rubbish removal we can manage it for you. We are fully licensed broker and waste carrier and can take care of your duty of care. We also work with our partners to ensure your waste is removed and recycled further providing assurances that you are meeting your sustainability and environmental ethical obligation.

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Looking for Waste Collection Services. We provide Waste Management, feminine hygiene and sanitary bin collection, medical waste collection, sharps collection, garden and green waste and other waste collection services.