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Hoarder Cleaning & Deep Cleaning Services 

Specialist Hoarder Cleaning | Deep Cleaning Services In Birmingham, Solihull and Midlands. 

GH Services specialize in hoarder cleaning services, hoarder clear up, deep cleaning services in Birmingham, Solihull and the Midlands. Call 0121 647 7203 for your free Hoarder Cleaning Deep Cleaning Services quotation. We have been providing deep cleaning services for over 20 years. We also provide deep cleaning services for squats, void property cleaning and drug dens. As a landlord or private tenant requiring your deposit back we provide all invoices and receipts in electronic form and take before and after pictures as proof of clean. All which helps you get your deposit back.

Need a quote for your hoarder deep cleaning services?


Hoarder Deep Cleaning Services | Birmingham


Specialist hoarder deep cleaning services in Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, West Midlands and Midlands - 0121 630 3305

All our hoarder Deep Cleaning Services staff are vetted and will clean your house or business to a high standard. Our Domestic & Commercial Deep Cleaning Services is of the highest standard with our flexible agreements leaving you confident in your choice of deep cleaning services provider.

As a family run Deep Cleaning Services Provider we believe it's our attention to service delivery which is at the forefront of our daily deep cleaning cleaning services. Our local, friendly  Cleaning Services ensures no stone is left unturned when cleaning your house.

Why not call us on on 0121 630 3305 and ask for a free, no obligation Deep Cleaning Services quotation.

Our friendly and helpful office will help you decide what level of hoarder deep cleaning services you require. Doing this will help you decide the correct level of hoarder deep cleaning you require and save you money in the long run. As a family run deep cleaning services provider you can feel confident when choosing us to clean you home or property.

We operate in a discreet, caring and careful manner as we understand the sensitive issues that accompany situation resulting in this service being requested. 

We will deep clean you home, void property, drug den, squat and any other property you may need deep cleaning. we will also remove all rubbish and furniture as we are a fully licensed waste broker, dealer and carrier.

We also specialize in hoarder deep cleaning cleaning services so call us today for your free no obligation deep cleaning hoarder cleaning services.

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GH Services will sensitively deal with your hoarder cleaning request in a sensitive and caring manner. Call use today on 0121 630 3305 to discuss.

​   Your Deep Cleaning Checklist;

  • Ceilings: Corners and edged feather flicked to remove dust and cobwebs

  • Walls: where wipeable we will damp wipe walls to remove marks, scuffs and dust

  • Light fittings, sockets and switches:: Dry wiped to remove dust and cobwebs, then damp wiped to remove marks and controllable stains.

  • Kitchens and Tea Points: The surfaces of the cupboards, the sink, the tiles and all associated surfaces are fully cleaned and sanitized. The floor in the room is assessed and deep cleaned accordingly.– all white good to include fridges, freezers, washing machines etc. can also be cleaned.

  • Bathrooms and Washrooms: all fixtures and tiles are fully sanitized and wiped. Full deep cleaning of sinks, showers and tubs. Polishing of the surfaces is also carried out. Focus on the small details and all areas are pre-sprayed, chemical soaked and damp spores removed. Grout and silicone is re-coloured. 

  • All Rooms and Study areas: carpets and upholstery are submitted to deep hoovering. If you need them Deep cleaning and washed, these are priced separately as well. These methods prolong the life of your furniture and carpeting.

  • Living, Office and Conference areas: window and mirror cleaning along with dusting of flat surfaces and vacuum cleaning of carpets. Curtains, picture frames also receive special attention and utmost care.

  • Hallways and entrance ways: the floors and the carpets here carry a lot of wear and tear so they need special cleaning, Mopping and vacuum cleaning. Internal Windows, Mirrors and all the other surfaces receive proper cleaning and polishing where applicable.

  • Carpets: depending on level of clean and how tired/damaged the carpet is we can either rip up or hot water extraction clean (steam clean) your carpet. 

  • Windows & Frames; We will spray and chemical deep clean your windows and frames. Removing all damp and staining.

  • Floors: hoovered and mopped as standard

  • Final Check Down; Following all completions we will provide before and after pictures along with a certificate of completion.

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