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Nappy Bin Waste Collection and Disposal Service

We provide Nappy Waste Bin Collection and Disposal Services - GH Services

We specialize in providing Nappy Waste Bin Collection and Disposal Services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. From a small office to multiple sites we can mange them all in a cost effective manner.  Our supply and service of Nappy Bins are provided at local, competitive prices. For larger sites we can provide greater savings. All of our Baby Waste Solutions are tailored to suit your requirements. We believe our no fuss approach to providing Baby Nappy Bins always leaves the customer feeling confident they have chosen the right local services provider.

Our Nappy Bin Waste Collection Services

We can supply Nappy Bins Waste Collection Services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or 6 weekly cycle. Our prices are extremely competitive and we are confident you will be left feeling satisfied when choosing us as your local Nappy Bin Waste Collection Services provider.

Why choose us to Service your Baby Nappy Bins Waste Bins?

We like to think we are unique compared to other companies as we charge based on the waste your site generates per collection, monthly or per annum. Although we understand there is of course a fee to dispose or incinerate we will not hit you in the pocket. This means that unlike many Nappy Bin Disposal Services providers we do not charge a higher fee for waste transfer notes provided. We are a local company offering genuine local waste disposal services and client retention is at the forefront.

Services we provide;

  • 1 Weekly Nappy Bin Service
  • 2 Weekly Nappy Bin Service

  • 3 Weekly Nappy Bin Service

  • 4 Weekly Nappy Bin Service

  • 6 Weekly Nappy Bin Service

  • 8 Weekly Nappy Bin Service

Waste Services We Offer;

  • Waste Collection Sack Provision

  • Feminine Hygiene

  • Sharps Removal Services

  • Medical Waste Removal Services

  • Washroom Services

  • Jumbo Toilet Rolls

We also provide larger bins 120ltr, 240ltr - 360ltr - 1100ltr Bins

Our Standard Nappy Bin 60 Litre


Designed with robust performance in mind, the nappy bin has a large 60 litre capacity and easy to service features. With a large, easy to use pedal and contemporary, easy to wipe down design the bin also offers end users a simple solution to dispose of nappy waste.

Nappy Bin Features;

- Large 60 litre capacity to suit a range of service cycles 
- Large capacity makes it ideal for high traffic washrooms 
- Clean white finish 
- Contemporary, easy to wipe down design 
- Designed to offer reliable, robust performance 
- Sloped lid prevents heavy items such as bags being placed on top, reducing the risk of breakage 
- Pedal operated for hygienic, no touch disposal of waste 
- Discreet, low friction modesty flap hides bin contents from view 
- Manufactured from ABS plastic for superior performance 
- Bag tidy hooks prevent liners from slipping during use 
- Hidden clip for freshener sachets to ensure powerful, pleasant fragrancing    between services 
- Quick, tool free access

  Dimensions - 763x440x416mm

  Capacity - 60 Litre

Replacement Bags/liners and Bin Fresheners sachets available, please browse related items.

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