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Cleaning Definitions;

Detailed below are our standard provisions within each service level requested. Should you wish to talk to us about any of your cleaning requirements please do not hesitate to contact us on the services provided.

Definition of our services;
Sparkle Clean – If this is asked for or offered this is our most basic clean within an office, residential or work environment. Usually this service is offered or asked for when the client requests ‘only a wipe over needed’ mainly for aesthetics purposes. Usually this service is our cheapest and cost-effective home or commercial cleaning service where a large area space is covered within the shortest and most cost effective time.
With our sparkle clean services, we will provide a general wipe all reachable and free surfaces such as reachable work surfaces, sills, reachable frames, sockets, switches, doors, frames, sills, skirts.
Living area; • Reachable Surfaces wiped (excludes furniture) • Sills, skirts, frames, light fittings, sockets wiped • Doors, frames wiped
Kitchen; • Reachable Surfaces - wiped • Sills, skirts, frames, light fittings, sockets wiped • Doors, frames wiped
Bedrooms/Hallways (excludes furniture) • Reachable Surfaces - wiped • Sills, skirts, frames, light fittings, sockets wiped • Doors, frames wiped
Bathroom; • Toilet – Wiped • Sinks – Wiped • Bath – Wiped • Reachable Surfaces – Wiped • Floor – Hoovered and mopped • Sills, skirts, frames, light fittings, sockets wiped
Exclusions; are the moving of furniture, cleaning behind, underneath, on top of or any surfaces that have items or other furniture/property/goods on. Electrical Items are also excluded. Ovens, extractor fans, white goods, microwaves, fridges, freezers, inside of cupboards/drawers. If these areas are required to be cleaned, then the client must make them free to access and free from any items. 
Items heavily soiled, greased or requiring more than on the original request or description given. 
Whilst we will always do our best within the period or price quoted it is understood that if inaccurate information is given at the point of sale/agreement then we will priorities main areas listed above to provide the best possible impression. If items have not been made accessible or there are items on top/inside of items to be cleaned, then this will not be done. In all instances it is to be assumed that a clean has been asked for and not to spend large amount of that labour time moving/sorting the clients property or goods around. If this is required this must be fully disclosed and a price agreed which will reflect accurately on the labour time.

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