Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Solihull 

Domestic Window Cleaning and Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Solihull, Birmingham and the Midlands

We specialize in Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Window Cleaning Services in Solihull, Birmingham and the surrounding areas. From cleaning your windows on your house to a small office to multiple sites we can mange them all in a cost effective manner.  We also offer massive discounts on Window Cleaning Services in Birmingham and the Midlands areas if you choose to use our company as your choice of Cleaning Services provider.

How do we clean your windows?

We use a window cleaning method to clean your Domestic or Commercial property called water fed pole washing. This method means we wash your window using purified water. This eliminates the need for ladders and ensures the Health & Safety of our Window Cleaning Technicians are kept a priority. This method also proves to be non intrusive as it does not require the Window Cleaning Technician to clean the window at eye level.

All window cleaning technicians are polite, friendly and courteous. We will clean the windows on your home or office to the highest possible standard at a price we feel you be more than satisfied with.

As we provide regular cleaning services should you include window cleaning services as part of the package you may be eligible for up to 50% discount on the window clean.